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$69.99 Oil Service Special Upto 6qts of Oil (Regular Price is $89.99)

Our oil service includes up to eight quarts of synthetic 5w30 factory fill oil, oem filter kit with new o-rings and crush washers, multi-point inspection, top off of all fluids, set tire pressures, reset service light, service reminder decal, and free hand car wash! This is an excellent value and a great place to start if you have not been into the shop before.

Free fault code evaluation special

(Free scanning of check engine, abs, and airbag lights). Our service technicians have experience to interpret what the codes mean and what they mean to your ultimate driving machine. Further diagnoses may be required.

At Performance Auto Care, your dealer alternative Specialist, we are a fully equipped service facility with state of the art diagnostic and repair equipment. We have the tools and knowledge to properly repair and service your vehicle. While service and routine maintenance are a large part of our business, we want to go above and beyond to ensure that your car leaves our shop better than how it came in and you experience thousands of miles of trouble free driving.

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Image Description
Auto Care Oil Service
(regular price
is $89.99)
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